Grand Master Yang can be reached over the phone or in person. Questions and comments are always welcome.
All students or prospective students can speak with Grand Master Yang personally to discuss membership, classes, skill level, etc.
To do so, either call YTA at (703) 519-5797 or stop by to set up an appointment.

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On The Map

Yang's Tae Kwon Do

1611 Commonwealth Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301

Directions From Washington D.C.

From: (MCI Center) 601 F Street, NW

1: Start out going South on 21ST ST NW toward E ST NW. 0.09 miles
2: Turn RIGHT onto E ST NW. 0.19 miles
3: Turn LEFT onto 23RD ST NW. 0.40 miles
4: Turn RIGHT onto LINCOLN MEMORIAL CIR SW. 0.09 miles
5: Stay straight to go onto ARLINGTON MEMORIAL BRIDGE. 0.52 miles
6: Enter next roundabout and take 1st exit onto MEMORIAL DR. 0.30 miles
7: Take the VA-110 S ramp. 0.22 miles
8: Merge onto JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. 4.57 miles
9: Turn RIGHT onto E MONROE AVE. 0.61 miles
10:Turn RIGHT onto COMMONWEALTH AVE. 0.01 miles

Directions From Virginia

From: Route 66 East

1.Merge onto I-66 E via the ramp- on the left- toward WASHINGTON.
2.Take the VA-110 S exit- exit number 75- toward PENTAGON/ALEXANDRIA. 0.17 miles
3.Merge onto JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. 5.18 miles
4.Turn RIGHT onto E MONROE AVE. 0.61 miles
5.Turn RIGHT onto COMMONWEALTH AVE. 0.01 miles